I was sitting in my classroom and heard the principal calling out in the speakers. He said my name. He called me into his office. ”What did I do wrong?” was my first thought. At the office, he gave me an exclusive pen and said I was the best secretary the school council has ever seen. I was 11 years old then. He encouraged me to continue to engage myself in extra curricular activities; he said he saw talent in me. And so I did. That was all it took for me to start off this career.

Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to contribute into making this world a better place. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s my motivation. I got my first paid job when I was 14 at a Motel and Restaurant in Sweden’s smallest city called ”Åmål”, I moved from home at sixteen and couldn’t wait to start studying at the University.

I grew up with high goals where only the sky was the limit, in Upper Secondary school I said I wanted to become a Minister of Foreign Affairs in the future, however I didn’t want to go the political way. So my mentor Lisa said that I could apply to become a diplomat after my studies, and that I should aim to make an internship at United Nations in my bachelors to increase my chances. After working towards it for seven years I finally became an intern at UN Headquarters in New York, and then a fellow at WFP in Rome, all while finishing my masters in Global Studies at Gothenburg University.

I had the chance to meet former Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon while doing my internship in New York. UN-photo by Eskinder Debebe.

Six years later I am now working as Secretary General for the Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption (Medveten Konsumtion). I am not a diplomat nor the Minister of Foreign Affairs (joke’s aside), however I have found a job where I can practice both diplomacy and networking all while working for a better and sustainable world for us all. Most of all I have found the red thread or the circle that keeps all of my passions and interests together. With our consumerpower we really do can affect human rights, Womens’ rights, Childrens rights, growth, sustainable development and the environment.

To closing the loop. I started to engage myself in extra curricular activities within board work as an 11 year old, first in student unions at my previous schools and later on at a professional level as well as in the housing cooperative I live in. Today I have close to fifteen years of experience, and I thank my previous principal for that.

And lastly, this is what my (mostly early) twenties looked like…

How can I be of service?