I was sitting in my classroom and heard the principal calling out in the speakers. He said my name. He called me into his office. ”What did I do wrong?” was my first thought. At the office, he gave me an exclusive pen and said I was the best secretary the school council has ever seen. I was 11 years old then. He encouraged me to continue to engage myself in extra curricular activities; he said he saw talent in me. And so I did. That was my starting point.

Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to contribute into making this world a better place. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s my motivation. I got my first paid job when I was 14 at a Motel and Restaurant in Sweden’s smallest city called ”Åmål”, I moved from home at sixteen and couldn’t wait to start studying at the University.

In Upper Secondary school I said I wanted to become a Minister of Foreign Affairs in the future, however I didn’t want to go the political way. So my mentor Lisa said that I could apply to become a diplomat after my studies, and that I should aim to make an internship at United Nations in my bachelors to increase my chances. Seven years later I finally became an intern at UN Headquarters in New York, and then a fellow at WFP in Rome, all while finishing my masters in Global Studies at Gothenburg University.

I had the chance to meet former Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon while doing my internship in New York. UN-photo by Eskinder Debebe.

Six years later I am now working as Secretary General for the Swedish Association of Responsible Consumption (Medveten Konsumtion). I’ve studied international studies since Upper Secondary School, with a bachelor in International Politics and Economics and a master i Global Studies, focusing on Gender and conflict resolution. Sustainability has been a big influence throughout all my educations.

Timeline of achievements

2019 International workshops and lectures in Sustainable Consumption and Circular Economy

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I was invited to hold lectures and workshops at the 10th forum for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) in Gdansk. I was also invited to Responsible Business Forum Circularity 2030 in Singapore, however I couldn’t participate. Moreover I was invited as a panelist and to hold a lecture at the internationel green-film festival ECOCUP in Moscow.

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2019 White Monday campaign went global!

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Since 2018 we’ve been organizing the Swedish campaign White Monday, which Henning Gillberg and Repamera founded in 2017. In 2019 the campaign went global, active in 23 countries with over 500 participating companies, organizations and incluencers (and still growing, for each day!). All of which are working together for a circular consumption.

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2019 Included in the Board of Directors for The Swedish Consumers’ Association

2018 Broad PR for the Swedish NGO Medveten Konsumtion (Conscious Consumption), especially with the campaigns ”White Monday” and the Swedish version of ”Buy Nothing Day”

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Since I started my assignment as Secretary General in the organization, we have participated in national TV 25+ times and several hundred of times in different newspapers. We’ve been commenting Overshoot Day, International Consumers Day, sustainable consumption and other related topics frequently.

Through this work I’ve learned to:
• develop my knowledge and expertise in communications and public relations within sustainable consumption, development & circular economy
• develop my rhetoric in different media situations
• broadened and deepened the network and collaboration with media and journalists

We were asked to assist and be responsible for the PR work and thus function as spokesperson for the campaign White Monday 2018, as well as Buy Nothing Day since 2016.

The results in 2018 was:

25 million in reach
1600 in media exposure
11 TV features
66,000 engagements of social media
1556 mentions
160+ companies, organizations & influencers cooperated

8.1 million in reach
333 in media exposure
2 TV features
32,000 in commitment
1300 mentions

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2017 MAY Diplomaed by the King of Sweden, his Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, after finishing the six month long course ”Value-based Leadership” by the Scouts Folkschool

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I learned to:
• practice a value-based leadership
• know myself as a leader with in-depth personality tests & analyzes
• how to communicate on the recipient’s terms
• apply conflict management and conflict resolution-tools
• practice sustainable commitment

Value-based Leadership is an advanced leadership course for about six months for young leaders who work in civil society. The program is funded by the King of Sweden, his Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf’s foundation for Young Leaders.

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2017 MAR Participated in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon

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As Secretary General I commented on the Swedish Governments’ investigation about circular economy.

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2016 DEC Participated in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, TV4 Nyheterna and SVT Rapport (National TV news)

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These were my very first experiences of national TV and broad PR-work. As Secretary General for Medveten Konsumtion and Spokesperson for the Swedish Buy Nothing Day we talked about circular economy and advocated for sustainable consumption.

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2016, 2017 & 2018 MAY Project Manager of Återvinningsfesten in Hornstull Stockholm, The biggest flea market in the Nordic Countries

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Over 100 000 people are visiting the Recycle Festival in Stockholm which is arranged by Medveten Konsumtion. We’ve created a magazine, flyers and work with sponsors and fundraising to make this day happen. We arrange it to show that recycling is fun, easy and important.

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2015 DEC Webdesigner

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It took me two days to build my own CV website. I wanted to stand out in recruiting processes and combine it with my hobby in coding.

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 2015 MAR Project Manager, internal  Internal Photo-Campaign for raising awareness about WFP’s work and Women’s Empowerment for the International Women’s Day, World Food Program, Rome, Italy

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WFPs Executive Director Ertharin Cousin participated amongst over hundreds of staff at WFP Headquarters. I came up with the idea and recruited interns to help me make it happen.

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2013-2015 Gothenburg Universitys’ fellow to UN Headquarters in New York and WFP Headquarters in Rome

2014 JAN Human rights expert with a special focus on gender and gender roles, in the reference group for the ESF-funded project Youth Embassy, Uddevalla Municipality, Sweden

2012 MAY Graduated with honours and valedictorian, University West, Trollhättan, Sweden

2011 APR Diplomerad Young Ambassador for Human Rights by former Minister of Integration Erik Ullenhag

2011 DEC Incentive premium for openness, respect and professionalism from Uddevalla Municipality